Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sat Aug 9 - Smithsonian

Wow. What a day. We got up at 7am to 'leave early' and started feeding kids, dressing them, and packing. We were in a big hurry to try to beat the DC traffic. To make a long story short, our get ready quick took over 3hrs. We left about 1030a.

- We make the long drive over to the Arlington Cemetery.
- Unpack the kids, put stuff in stroller, put Cody in stroller, head to subway.
- Take Cody out of stroller, hand all stuff in stroller to kids, go down escalator.
- Repack stroller, put Cody in stroller, go to get subway ticket.
- Wait in long line, for 20m, for the ONE vending maching, to get a subway ticket for EACH person, so we can get on the subway. You're a genius DC.
- Take subway ride under river where our ears pop, get off at Smithsonian stop.
- Luckily the Smithsonian stop had a handicap elevator.
- Quickly go to the History museum to grab some lunch.
- Holy Mother of Pearl lunch cost $40 for one wrap, one side, 2 kid meals. Smithsonina free: yeah right.
- We head out to the museum and look at tons and tons of bones, bugs, and animals. Was lots of fun.
- Move on to the Air & Space museum and look at tons of planess and space stuff. Was lots of fun.
- John meets us there as we're wrapping up.
- Once again unpack Cody and stuff from stroller to get back off subway.
- We head to Rainforest Cafe (LOVE IT) for dinner.
- WTH? Where is the Cafe? Drive around for a few min, can't find it.
- Smack Kim in the head for making me dream about Rainforest Cafe for the last couple hours.
- Head to Red Robins instead for dinner. Used to be one of my favs in Colorado. Not all that anymore.
- Make the long ride home, kids dead alseep.
- Instead of getting home about 4p or so like planned, we got home at 11p
- Note to self: Don't leave crockpot on for 16hrs - threw away blackened charred lump of meat.

All in all, it was a very fun, very exhausting day.

Elise, Ravyn, Cody, Greyson, & Nathan

Finally here. Cody loved that elephant.

Watch out behind you!

Ravyn in butterfly heaven. Nathan just happy to be near bugs.

Cody took a walk around with us.

In an old cockpit.

This is how much food they USED to serve. Man have they gone downhill.

The kids favorite place. This spot vibrated & shook like airplanes used to.

Cody's not too sure bout this.
Yeah. Thats right. We stopped & we stood. We're rebels!
Subway ride home. Hold on tight Cody.


*Jess* said...

Man, you guys had a day!!! $40?? My cheap-ass self would have croaked!

I love the no stop and standing pic!!

Dodi said...

Grayson spells his name with an "a" not an "e". Elise looks pudgy in that first picture. Fun times.