Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sleep Issues

Today was a weird day for Ravyn.

We had a late dinner last nite and I let Ravyn have tea which usually spells out: wet bed. So being the great mom that i am, I got her up about 2am'ish to go potty.

Well, apparently that was just the beginning of her day, cause I don't think she went back to sleep after that.

She was up at Dodi's door bright and early this morning bout 615a to help Dodi get ready, which is not normal.

Then she came and got me up bout 8a.

Later we went to grab some lunch and stop at Target. 5min in the car and she was out cold, which is NOT like her. I woke her up, she claimed she wasn't sleeping, then crashed hard again. She fell asleep 4 times before I could get to the nearest drive thru. After her lunch she perked right up again.

I tried to make her take a nap when we got home, but oddly enough she didn't.

Later that nite she went to the store with Dodi, where again she fell asleep.

I said early bedtime for sure tonite. So we threw some bread at the kids, slapped some water on them, and had them ready for bed early.

Ravyn was up there bout 45min then came down saying she couldn't sleep.

HUH?!?! I don't get it.

So I told her to never get out of her bed again and called it a nite.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spider vs. Pincher

On Thurs/Fri we found a big spider in the bathroom. It was too big for me to do anything but panic. So I grabbed a cup to put on it thinking it would die in a couple days.

It didn’t, so we got one of those bug vacs at the store, sucked it up and put it in one of those bug holder cages. Now its Ravyn’s beloved new pet…sad huh? Well it’s been stuck with us since last week and I thought it would be cool if we found a bug to throw in there so it would eat it. Last night I found a pincher bug (or Earwig) and thought, ‘Hey hey, dinner time.’

I always thought the spiders controlled the pincher population, every time we’d get Terminex to kill off all the spiders we’d suddenly get a huge burst of pinchers in the house.

To my surprise I was wrong.

The spider is scared to death of the pincher and is freaking out trying to get away from it. The pincher keeps using its pincher to attack the spider. I left them together all night. >:)

This morning as Ravyn was watching them. The pincher proudly went over to the spider, used its pinchers to rip off one of its legs and started eating it!!!

Ravyn started feeling really bad for the spider, so we threw them both out in the front yard.

Lesson of the day: Pinchers eat spiders.

Monday, July 28, 2008

One-Eyed Chica

So I tell Ravyn, its time for bed, go brush your teeth. Somehow between the living room and the bathroom she mysteriously gets a toy.

Its one of those ice cream cone things, where the foam ice cream shoots off the cone when you push a button. I haven't seen one of those in awhile so wasn't prepared when Ravyn jumped around the side of my chair and says 'Want some ice cream?' and pushes the button just as I turn towards her.

Needless to say, being about 6 inches from my face it plows full force straight into my eye before I even had a chance to blink.


So now everythings kinda blurry in that eye. I made her throw all of them away. Who knew ice cream could be so painful?

WoW Chops

Tonight I made us some pork chops. They were very good. Dodi's friend Kaye came over to talk over some VBS pre-planning with Dodi, so I sorta had a mini dinner party. :)

You get those Oven Roasting Bags and put in some boneless pork chops, potatoes, carrots, a little olive oil and lots of seasoning. Throw it in the oven in some pans (for drips) at 325 for about 30min. Take out the pork chops, they're done, then put the veggies back in for another 30+ min till soft. I like that dinner a lot. I learned about it from one of my online friends that plays the game WoW with me. Thanks X.

Cody who normally LOVES carrots and doesn't care for potatoes, once again defied all logic and decided he didn't want the carrots and tore up the potatoes. I'm telling you now...there's something wrong with that kid.

Homeless, and proud of it!

July 23 - The papers are signed and we are officially homeless...WOOOO!

Dodi watched Cody for me while Ravyn and I went back to Summerville for the closing. Ravyn got to play with one of her old friends while I signed all the papers.

It was about time! I had spent 1/2 of nearly every work day on my phone trying to get the repairs made and everything worked out so they wouldn't run out on the deal.

I kinda miss my home, but I'm so glad its over and done with. Now I have a year to pay off bills till Pat comes back, then we move again.

The Beginning

Dodi kicked me, slapped me around, pushed me down the stairs and then spit on me until I created this blogspot. So fine. Here I am world.