Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spider vs. Pincher

On Thurs/Fri we found a big spider in the bathroom. It was too big for me to do anything but panic. So I grabbed a cup to put on it thinking it would die in a couple days.

It didn’t, so we got one of those bug vacs at the store, sucked it up and put it in one of those bug holder cages. Now its Ravyn’s beloved new pet…sad huh? Well it’s been stuck with us since last week and I thought it would be cool if we found a bug to throw in there so it would eat it. Last night I found a pincher bug (or Earwig) and thought, ‘Hey hey, dinner time.’

I always thought the spiders controlled the pincher population, every time we’d get Terminex to kill off all the spiders we’d suddenly get a huge burst of pinchers in the house.

To my surprise I was wrong.

The spider is scared to death of the pincher and is freaking out trying to get away from it. The pincher keeps using its pincher to attack the spider. I left them together all night. >:)

This morning as Ravyn was watching them. The pincher proudly went over to the spider, used its pinchers to rip off one of its legs and started eating it!!!

Ravyn started feeling really bad for the spider, so we threw them both out in the front yard.

Lesson of the day: Pinchers eat spiders.

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*Jess* said...

You have just successfully succeeded in freaking me out! I hate spiders AND earwigs! UGH!

Love your blog, btw!

We just got back from the beach! Jayce told some random lady at the pool, "OH NO!"