Monday, September 22, 2008

We are so boring.

Ok. So this weekend we did a little TOO much...

Friday night:
- We had an indoor picnic, or a dinner & a movie, if you'd rather. We spread out a blanket on the living room floor, popped in a movie, had chicken nuggets, fries, candy, popcorn and a good time.
- After Cody went to bed, Ravyn helped me wrap his presents, then actually got to watch tv in her bed.

- Was Cody's 2nd birthday. We got him up, sang happy birthday to him, showed him his first surprise, one of those activity tables which Ravyn was more than happy to show him how to use.
- Then we all got ready and headed out. Ravyn went to her first cheerleading game where she cheered for the lil football team.
- Afterwards we went to Chuck E Cheese for a fun party with pizza, cake, games, presents, and friends.
- As if that wasn't enough for one day, we decided to go to the Big Dig in Greer. Ravyn and I went on a very fun dump truck hay ride, then we had snacks & ice cream. Ravyn got her face painted and got to sit in a bus & a fire truck.
- We hadn't done nearly enough, so next we went to a small toy store called Duck Duck Goose where we forced the kids to play with every toy and even made them buy one.
- Since we weren't nearly tired enough we ended the day by eating fruity pancakes, hot chocolate, and other nasty things at IHOP.

- We went to our new church which has an awesome children's program.
- Afterwards, we went to Walnut Grove Plantation. We did alot there, wondered around to find leaves, acorns, flowers, and pine cones for a lil project Ravyn had at school.
- Then we took the tour, where the lady told us all about the houses and items in them, which Cody personally insured I heard none of.
- We watched the blacksmith there actually make a hook.
- Dodi also squished 75 ant piles to show Ravyn how many millions of ants live there and all the eggs they have, but mostly cause Dodi just has anger issues.
- Got the kids some Burger King then got them ready for bed.

After that weekend I laid down and died of exhaustion.

Monday morning:
While Ravyn was eating her breakfast, I went over all the things we had done this weekend. She looks at me for a moment then ask: "Yeah, but when are we gonna do something fun?"