Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sleep Issues

Today was a weird day for Ravyn.

We had a late dinner last nite and I let Ravyn have tea which usually spells out: wet bed. So being the great mom that i am, I got her up about 2am'ish to go potty.

Well, apparently that was just the beginning of her day, cause I don't think she went back to sleep after that.

She was up at Dodi's door bright and early this morning bout 615a to help Dodi get ready, which is not normal.

Then she came and got me up bout 8a.

Later we went to grab some lunch and stop at Target. 5min in the car and she was out cold, which is NOT like her. I woke her up, she claimed she wasn't sleeping, then crashed hard again. She fell asleep 4 times before I could get to the nearest drive thru. After her lunch she perked right up again.

I tried to make her take a nap when we got home, but oddly enough she didn't.

Later that nite she went to the store with Dodi, where again she fell asleep.

I said early bedtime for sure tonite. So we threw some bread at the kids, slapped some water on them, and had them ready for bed early.

Ravyn was up there bout 45min then came down saying she couldn't sleep.

HUH?!?! I don't get it.

So I told her to never get out of her bed again and called it a nite.

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