Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fri Aug 8 - Flush my pipes & change my pads

It somehow takes me 3 hours to pack up what little we brought with us. By the time I was done packing I wanted to call it quits for the day and take a nap.

Have to rush though. Car needs a 50k check up and a oil change. So I called Thurs to set up an appt for a Toyota near Kim's house. I have to be there by 1p...what was I thinking??

We jump out at Kim's house, throw everything in the garage, threaten the kids to move it, then rush over to Toyota just in the nick of time.

Ends up that they rotated my tires, changed oil, replaced air filter, replaced cabin filter, replaced brake pads and flushed out my sludgy transmission fluid for a whopping $571. Ouch. Shoot me now and get it over with.

On an up note, I got me a yummy Five Guys burger for dinner. MMMmmm. Five Guys rocks! Man I love that place. I think they mix cocaine in the meat or something.

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