Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mon Aug 4 - Potato Head Cody

So with my daughter gone having the time of her life, saying 'Mommy who?' I take Cody to the eye clinic to pick out some glasses. Just in case you haven't noticed, he's as crossed eyed as a drunken sailor.

The place was very nice and actually had a pair of those rubber glasses for toddlers there. So, while Cody screamed, we tried them on him. (he doesn't like strangers touching him) They look like the kind you see on Mr. Potato Head, thick, round, and bendable with a strap to hold them on. I picked out light blue.

They were not as expensive as I thought they would be. Ravyn's Disney wrap around the ears ones were about $250. Cody's Potato Head strap ons are $150. The good news is the lenses have a 2yr warrenty on them for scratches and breaking. Sweet.

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